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Individual & Couples Therapy / Counseling

Traditional psychotherapy is offered to help teens and adults heal from trauma and/or other stressful life experiences. Trauma can result from surviving physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, parental substance abuse, and chronic illnesses. Techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Psychoeducation are used as practical interventions for psychotherapy and in combination with Biofeedback for effective and holistic outcomes.

What is Neurofeedback and what is it used for?

Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback), as a tool for peak performance training, can be used by athletes, academic scholars, creative and performing artists, business professionals, and anyone striving for better performance in daily life. The training can help:

  • improve attention, focus, and mental clarity

  • promote deeper inner-awareness

  • reduce anxiety & other mental and physical responses to stress

  • develop better "follow through" on long-term projects

  • increase consistency of performance

  • improve quality of sleep

  • increase length of time spent "in the zone"

Neurofeedback is a biofeedback modality that has been around for over 25 years, and the growing body of research continues to support its use. Neurofeedback, or EEG Biofeedback, helps to manage the symptoms of a variety of brain based disorders (such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression & migraine); these disorders appear to be associated with irregularity in the brain's electrical timing. 

Efficient and regulated brainwaves are necessary for attention, mental focus, and sleep, as well as mood regulation. Neurofeedback is a tool that enables an individual to learn to alter their brain's electrical activity in real-time, promoting better self-regulation and improved quality of life. 


Coaching is a holistic and collaborative approach to dealing with the problems and challenges of life. It is not psychotherapy, although many mental health professionals incorporate coaching techniques into their practices. 

Much like a sports coach or consultant, a personal coach:

  • helps individuals identify problems and strategize solutions

  • guides in the creation of attainable goals

  • helps in understanding roadblocks getting in the way of identified goals

  • aids in the construction of realistic action plans

  • teaches how to self-evaluate without negative self talk

Coaching is a client-driven process that accounts for personal history, culture, values, beliefs, individual wants and needs, and lifestyle factors. Overall, it is a dynamic, solutions-oriented way of managing issues and developing opportunities for personal empowerment.


I have found that the following books and web sites are great sources of additional information for my clients. These resources contain strategies and solutions to gain relief from a multitude of issues, as well as provide additional information about Neurofeedback: 


Stress Management 

Helpful Apps

My Approach
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